A COPEM group company specializing in the sale of diamonds at an international level, it was founded in 2012 with the aim of directly inspiring the jewelers of our country. International Trading Company plays the role of direct distributor of prestigious diamond and diamond jewelery brands, for jewelery shops throughout Italy. DIAMOND LASER INVEST, the International Trading Company is a point of reference for the purchase of money all over the world: the RAPAPORT. To date, the International Trading Company, with its offices in the center of Rome, is the only company in Italy that’s able to offer this service.


In 1966, in Israel, just completed the military service, Eitan Dokhanian began his professional career as a diamond cutter under the guidance of his uncle, an expert clipper, who commits to transmit his knowledge. It is a work that fascinates him, in which he engages for eight to nine hours a day, obtaining excellent results that allow him to win the esteem of the insiders. Diamonds are his world and He decides to dedicate his life to diamonds. In 1970, after his marriage, he transferred his knowledge as an expert clipper to a large company in Telaviv, but in 1976 he took the big step. With scarce financial resources, without knowing the language, he found the courage to move with his family to Rome where he founded ESRAZ, a company for the wholesale diamond trade. A few years later, he expanded his range of action by founding COPEM. His professional background allows him to emerge in a short time gaining the trust of the Jewelers and being appreciated by large multinational companies that operate at the top of the world diamond market. A further opportunity to consolidate COPEM‘s position in the Italian market is the entry into the company in 1993 of his son Raz who, after completing his studies, joins his father expressing in a short time a great entrepreneurial ability. Eitan and Raz, father and son, a solid and successful synergy that attracts the attention of the Indian family DOSHI, owner of SHRENUJ, who, with the title of Sightholder of the DTC in London, works at the top of the Diamond world. It is from this meeting that in 1996 the COPEM & SHRENUJ was born. Located in the heart of Rome, with branches in Valenza and Milan, it plays a major role having as its purpose to supply directly, without intermediaries, Italian companies that, net of unnecessary top-ups, allows manufacturers to present themselves on international markets with products that, thanks to the excellence of Made in Italy appreciated all over the world, combine a quality / price ratio that offers a further important chance of success.


In May 2016, the Group chose to renew itself and follow a precise growth policy that allows the company to be free from international political dependencies. Copem returns to be owned by the Dokhanian family and COPEM & Co. is born. An important choice that places entrepreneurial independence and enterprise at the center of business development. Forty years of experience certify the Holding for commercial and design skills, thanks to a specific and pragmatic industrial plan that has contributed to a 300% increase in Copem & Co over the past 10 years, winning a leading role in the supply of Diamonds to the main jewelery companies, especially in the Valenza area. The international alliance with Leader groups in the diamond sector has guaranteed a solid presence on the market. Copem & Co, with its President Eitan Dokhanian and the Managing Director Raz Dokhanian, has chosen a top-level management, in order to realize, for its customers, an ethical and guaranteed trade over the years. In 2012 COPEM Group gave life to the International Trading Company. The ITC International Trading Company, through its business model, is strongly oriented towards business and growth. In 5 years the marketing innovation and the organizational and development structures adopted have been the center of initiatives that have led to the creation of new Brand Total Marketing Oriented. The Group’s entrepreneurial skills have led to the creation of a new business unit: ITC – Diamond Investment whose mission, the sale of investment diamonds, has become a project called “A hug in time” characterized by an excellent service of conservation of the assets in the medium and long term and governed by a clear and transparent sales procedure that respects the indications provided by the bodies responsible for monitoring and safeguarding the interests of customers. The ITC Business Unit – Diamond Investment has equipped itself with adequate tools to provide customers with the control of the value of purchased gems, monitoring their value over time in order to reiterate the ethical and guaranteeing principles of COPEM Group. As further evidence of the COPEM Group‘s orientation to look for the new beyond the traditional boundaries, in 2016 it gave life to the Web World Working (3W), a leading company in Web Communication, which entrusted the task of bringing the whole world of the web the innovation of the projects that the group expresses. Copem & Co., ITC, 3W: a trilogy of excellence, a concrete expression of the COPEM Group that aims to maintain a leading role in Diamond Business at all levels. Through its location in the heart of the Diamonds Center of Antwerp, the COPEM Group is today a solid reality that develops its activity in all the branches of the Diamond business assuming a leading international role and with ambitious projects that are up to date and in perfect harmony with a world, that of diamonds, in rapid transformation.


The guaranteeing spirit demands to excel on the market in terms of price in order to give continuity over time. The geo-political conditions of the diamond world have changed drastically, leading the Group to an important commercial relaunch. Following what is happening on the market in May 2016 COPEM has made a change in its corporate policy by forgoing important collaborations with the Sightholder referent of all time (Shrenuj Group), opening accordingly to the free international market.