Diamond Laser System

It adds to the splendor of the diamond the security of the certification parameters, engraving with a laser beam an alphanumeric code directly on the stone belt.

Engraving a phrase indelibly on the belt of a stone has an incomparable emotional value and makes the diamond even more unique and precious.

With the Diamond Laser System the diamond mounted on a jewel is Yours Forever and is always recognizable.


With the Diamond Laser System , the identification parameters of the gem, which allow a correct and univocal evaluation throughout the world, are engraved on the diamond belt. There are four parameters: CLARITY – COLOR – CARAT – CUTTING.
The 4C allow to determine the exactly value of a diamond.
Furthermore, thanks to the use of increasingly sophisticated lasers, the modern certification prevents the diamond from being replaced by engraving another stone identification code.
With the Diamond Laser System , a diamond is Yours Forever .


A project acquires value when its requirements are easily and immediately made accessible to everyone.
Thanks to a constant research that has been perpetrated for over ten years, OPTICAL BOX 20x has been patented all over the world: a special optical container that allows even the inexperienced eye easy reading of the data on the gem belt .
Thanks to a special lens, designed and made specifically for the DLS, inserted in a sophisticated precision mechanism, with micrometric focus control, the microscopic laser engraving is easily readable making the diamond unique, unmistakable and  Yours Forever.


Engraving a phrase indelibly on the belt of a stone has an incomparable emotional value and makes the diamond even more unique and precious.

CHIARA – 16/07/2012 – 3,230 kg

With the Diamond Laser System the diamond mounted on a jewel is Yours Forever and is always recognizable.

The dls diamonds, arranged on timeless frames, give life to jewels created with pride and passion by the best Italian artisans.


Distributed from ITC International Trading Company Srl, company of COPEM Group, Antwerpen, the DLS diamonds are available in the jewelers specialized in the sale of diamonds and jewels with diamonds, carefully seletected from the group’s network.


Each Diamond Laser System diamond, in addition to the certification data shown on the belt, is accompanied by an international guarantee with relative Diamond Report.
Our database allows you to type the alphanumeric code on the belt and locate your diamond in an archive where all the DLS certificates issued by gemological centers scattered in twenty locations around the world are kept.


A co-marketing project, packaging/communication/image, is made available to our partner resellers, present throughout the country, with the aim of bringing the consumer closer to the knowledge and purchase of the product.
The DLS diamonds and jewels are kept in elegant packs, equipped with innovative technological tools, which allow everyone to easily read the engravings on the stones.


Training courses on the specific characteristics of diamonds and on the Diamond Laser System and meetings with clients held by Francesco Foti, writer, essayist, expert in precious stones and creator of the Diamond Laser System, are periodically organized.


Questions and answers from ITC world

Do you know that NAMURI contains two brands in one?

NAMURI is an ITC brand that contains two major brands: JEWELS and DIAMOND. Diamonds, pearls and jewels designed and created to celebrate the best moments of your life.

Do you know why TOP CLUB is an exclusive product?

Leader in a market that today, only in Italy, estimates the sale of about 500,000 copies a year, the diamond in blister TOP CLUB is dressed in a cutting edge image, in line with the new luxury standards. An exclusive image for an exclusive product.

Do you know why YAHALOM means invincible?

Since ancient times, the Jewish people have attributed to the diamond powerful qualities of invincibility. YAHALOM in the Hebrew language means INVINCIBLE.

Do you know why the PRIMA MATERIA diamond is the gift par excellence?

The elegant gift box and the affordable purchase price make this diamond the gift par excellence. The 0.04 ct stone becomes a precious alternative to any other present or present.

Do you know why the DLS diamond is YOURS FOREVER?

With the Diamond Laser System you can engrave a phrase indelibly on the belt of a stone, giving the diamond an incomparable emotional value that can make the diamond even more unique and precious.

Do you know how much a diamond is worth?

The Diamond Laser Invest ITC diamonds have a micrometric laser engraving on the belt with the following: the purity, the carat weight, the color, the cut proportions, the logo with the certificate number. In addition, each diamond is accompanied by an international guarantee certificate (Diamond Laser Warranty) which shows a table with all the measurements relating to each single piece of data that the gem expresses.

Do you know which are the most important diamonds in history?

The most famous and famous diamonds in the world are 5: - the light blue diamond Hope, 45 carats, kept at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington- the green of Dresden, 41 carats, kept in the Grünes Gewölbe of Dresden- the Régent, 135 carats, and the Sancy, 55 carats, belonged to Louis XVI of France, now kept at the Louvre museum- the Koh-i-Noor, 108 carats, kept in the Tower of London - the Cullinan, weighing (rough) 621 grams, coming from the mines of South Africa. The diamond Stella d'Africa, 530 carats, was made from this stone.

Do you know why it is important to invest in diamonds?

The romantic and passionate image that has always characterized diamonds must not overshadow the fact that for thousands of years they have been considered the shelter for excellence. Rare, precious, indestructible, easily stored in safe places, diamond has always been one of the best forms of investment. An investment in diamonds is the answer that, even in a market situation in recession like the current one, must be taken into serious consideration to ensure the preservation of invested capital and a considerable increase in value for medium and long-term investments.

Do you know what a Sightholder is?

A Sightholder is a company belonging to the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), authorized to purchase wholesale rough diamonds. The DTC is a company in turn controlled by the De Beers group, the largest producer and supplier of rough diamonds in the world. The South African company DeBeers, based in Johannesburg, almost completely controls the extraction, processing and marketing of diamonds of African origin.

Do you know what our exclusive products are?

The lines DLS - Diamond Laser System, Prima Materia, Top Club, Yahalom and Namuri are an impeccable expression of luxury and Made in Italy style. ITC brands and jewels are the result of continuous research and constant innovation in the diamond market sector and are distributed by a vast national network of high quality jewelers and highly qualified selected agents.

Do you know what the 4Cs are?

To guarantee a correct diamond certification, there are international rules that allow an objective evaluation in every part of the world. Thus the evaluation system universally known as 4C was born, acronym of the initials of the four fundamental parameters for the evaluation of a diamond: CUT (cut), COLOR (color), CLARITY (purity), CARAT (weight).

Do you know what Rapaport is?

The Rapaport Diamond Report has for decades been the undisputed landmark of the diamond market; it is a bulletin published weekly in the form of a table showing the prices of diamonds calculated on the basis of color, size and clarity. The Rapaport Prices List is the first international source used by retailers to determine the prices of diamonds in all the major markets in the world.

What is the kimberley process?

The Kimberley Process (KPCS) is a certification agreement aimed at ensuring that profits from the diamond trade are not used to finance civil wars. The agreement was developed and approved with the combined effort of the governments of many countries, of diamond-producing multinationals, and of civil society.