Leader in the distribution and sale of diamonds and brands related to the world of high jewelery.

ITC International Trading Company is a society of the of the Holding COPEM Group of Anversa, world capital in the distribution of Diamonds.
The exclusive products ITCs are born from the continuous search and from the constant innovation in the sector of the market of the diamonds and they are distributed by a vast national net of jewelries of high quality and agents highly selected qualified. His/her lines DLS – Diamond Laser System, Prima Materia, Top Club, Yahalom and Namuri are unexceptionable expression of the luxury and the style Made in Italy.
With center in Rome, ITC operates on the Italian market with an own net of 14 agents, in degree to guarantee the coverage of the whole national territory with the objective to create in Italy a system of specialized jewelries.

Diamonds in blister, more than 500.000 sold samples every year distributed by one selected net of prepared and specialized jewelers in the sale of diamonds and the jewels Namuri, faithful companions of the modern woman, that it loves to wear them in every occasion with nonchalance, to give light and to enrich his/her glamour.

Well rare, precious and indestructible the diamond is considered for a long time an investment that produces value. Observing the last twenty years, a 8% (Source The Sun 24 Hours) annual middle output notices him. To invest in diamonds means to have a certain income for his/her own future.

To directly bring the diamonds to the point sale, constituting a net of prepared jewelers to face the commercial challenges of the new millennium.


ITC wants to carry out to commercial action able to offer the complete market exclusive products and is aimed at the final consumer through the jewelleries that adhere to its distribution network. For this reason, ITC carries out numerous projects involving the distribution of its brands, covered by worldwide patents, the result of continuous research and innovation.


The exclusive marks DLS – Diamond Laser System, Prima Materia, Top Club, Yahalom and Namuri, expression of the Made in Italy style, is produced only and inimitable in the sector of the diamonds blisterati, first in absolute in the Italian market. The marks ITC, endowed with an elegant packaging of design, they introduce suits of an image to the state-of-the-art one, in line with the new canons of the luxury, staying at the same time accessible in the price. Without intermediary passages, ITC wants to reach the final consumer through a relationship optimal quality-price.